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Press Release
February 13, 2013


The February distribution of sales tax collections by the Oklahoma Tax Commission primarily represents local tax receipts from December business.  Companies that remit more than $2,500 monthly in sales tax receipts are required to file and pay electronically.  The monies they reported this period represent sales from December 16th to December 31st and estimated sales from January 1st to January 15th.

The disbursement of $135,748,736 in sales tax collections was returned to 510 cities and towns reflecting an increase of $1,838,062 from the $133,910,674 distributed to 508 cities and towns in February last year.  The use tax disbursement of $11,681,421 was distributed between 371 cities and towns.

In county returns, 77 counties shared in a $29,091,602 sales tax disbursement.  The use tax disbursement of $2,762,745 was distributed between 73 counties.

The following list includes new sales and use tax rates for cities, towns and counties and their effective dates.


January 1, 2013
(13-88) Cimarron Co 2.00% use (new)

February 1, 2013
No Changes

March 1, 2013
No Changes

April 1, 2013
(10-14) Healdton 4.00% sales and use
(49-05) Locust Grove 4.00% sales and use
(14-04) Moore 3.75% sales and use
(68-16) Paradise Hill 3.00% sales and use (new)
(11-19) Tahlequah 3.25% sales and use
(06-88) Blaine Co 0.75% sales and use
(10-88) Carter Co 0.75% sales and use
(15-88) Coal Co 2.00% sales and use
(35-88) Johnston Co 1.50% sales and use
(60-88) Payne Co 0.813% sales and use
(62-88) Pontotoc Co 0.875% sales and use
(69-88) Stephens Co 0.70% sales


Sales Tax: City and County

Use Tax: City and County

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