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Our Mission Statement
With the reorganization of the Oklahoma Tax Commission in 1995, came the refocus of our goals and objectives. The following is our mission statement as it exemplifies our direction and focus.

Our Mission is to serve the people of Oklahoma by promoting tax compliance through quality service and fair administration.


Historical Facts and Responsibilities
The Oklahoma Tax Commission, from its inception in 1931, has been responsible for the collection and administration of various tax sources and the apportionment of these revenues to state funds which provide monies for education, transportation, recreation, social welfare, and the myriad of other services provided for the citizens of Oklahoma.

The Tax Commission is comprised of various divisions and sections overseen by an administrator and three members (Commissioners): Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary-Member. The administrator is appointed by the Commissioners. The three Commissioners are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the State Senate and serve terms of six years each.

It is the Commission's responsibility to supervise the administration and enforcement of state tax laws and the collection of a majority of all state-levied taxes and fees.

The Commission directs the collection and distribution of the tax and license sources under its administration and, by statute, is responsible for apportioning such tax revenues to the various state funds. In addition, the Oklahoma Tax Commission allocates directly to local units of government, certain state-collected levies earmarked to counties, school districts and municipalities. On the contract basis with individual municipalities and counties, the Tax Commission is involved with the administration, collection and distribution of city and county sales taxes and city use taxes.


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