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The Oklahoma Tax Commission administers over 100 taxes, licenses, permits, fees and funds for the State of Oklahoma. You may select any of these items below and be linked to a definition source page with the opportunity to return to this index page at any time.

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Admission Tax
Aircraft Excise Tax
Aircraft Registration Fee
Amateur Radio License
Beverage I.D. Stamps
Beverage License
Beverage Tax
Bingo Games Tax
Boat and Motor Dealer License
Boat and Motor Tag
Boxing Event Admissions Tax
Charity Games Tax
Cigarette License
Cigarette Stamps
Cigarette Tax
Coin Device Decal/Permit
Compact Tribal Cigarette Payment
Compact Tribal Tobacco Payment
County Clerk Fee
Dealers License
Diesel Fuel 120 Hour Permit
Documentary Stamps
Drivers License Record Fee
Drug Tax Stamp
Estate Tax
Estimated Income Tax
Farm Implement Tax Stamps
Fireworks License
Franchise Tax
Freight Car Tax
Gas Conservation Excise Tax
Gross Production Tax
Income Tax
International Fuel Tax Agreement
Liquor and Wine Excise Tax
Marginal Producing Oil and Gas Fee
Mixed Beverage Gross Receipts
Motor Fuel Importer Tax
Motor Fuel Tax Diesel
Motor Fuel Tax Gasoline
Motor Vehicle Collection Tag Fee
Motor Vehicle Proration Tax
Motor Vehicle Stamps
Occupational Health and Safety Fund
Oil Energy Resource Assessment Fee
Out of State Audit Fee
Pari-mutuel Tax
Rural Electric Coop Fee
Rural Electric Coop Tax
Sales Tax
Sales Tax Permit
Sales Vendor List Fee
Salvage Dealers License
Service Charge Fee
Special Fuel Decal Fee
Special Fuel Tax
Special Indemnity Fund
Strong Beer Tax
Telephone Surcharge Fee
Tobacco License
Tobacco Tax
Tourism Tax
Transporter's and Reclaimer's License
Underground Storage Leakage Fund
Use Tax
Vehicle Rental Tax
Waste Tire Fee
Withholding Tax
Workman's Compensation Fund


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