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June 20, 2014

Boat and Outboard Motor Registrations: Renewal Period Underway

Taxpayers need to be aware that 2014 Oklahoma boat and outboard motor registrations expire on Monday June 30. Renewal cards and email notifications were recently sent out to those Oklahoma boat and motor owners who chose either renewal notification option (see below).  The reminders are not required to renew the registration and it remains the owner’s responsibility to timely renew their registration(s). If you do not have the renewal notice, simply provide a copy of a previous registration or any one (1) of the following identifiers to any Oklahoma Tag Agency:

  • Boat hull identification number (HIN) or outboard motor serial number
  • Boat registration number (“OK” number displayed on hull)
  • Oklahoma title number
  • Most recent annual registration decal number

Registrations may be renewed at any Oklahoma Tag Agency or by mailing the renewal card or email and proper remittance to the Oklahoma Tax Commission, PO Box 26940, Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0940.To avoid delinquent registration penalties, boat and motor renewals must be completed by July 31, 2014. A delinquent registration renewal penalty of $0.25 per day will begin to accrue on August 1.

Boat and outboard motor owners may choose one of three options relating to receiving future registration expiration notification:

  • Receive no notifications at all in the future.  Simply advise the tag agency at time of registration renewal or, if renewing by mail, check the box on your renewal postcard stating that you do not wish to receive a renewal notice.  It should be noted that all boat and outboard motor registrations expire June 30 of the expiration year.
  • Register for free email notification at www.cars.ok.gov.  By utilizing the free “Remind Me” feature owners are able to sign up and receive an email reminder of the next renewal date.  Owners can also ask the tag agency to enroll them in this feature when registering their boat or motor this year, or, if renewing by mail, sign up for it on the back of this year’s registration renewal notice.
  • Request to continue receiving a paper renewal notice by mail.  To choose this option, owners must advise the tag agency at time of registration this year, or, if renewing by mail, check the “Send Renewal Postcard” block on the front of the renewal notice.  Please note, this option will add a fee of $0.50 to the cost of registration renewal.

For more information regarding boat and outboard motor renewals, or answers to any of your tax questions, please visit the Oklahoma Tax Commission website at www.tax.ok.gov





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